Solid Accord Healthcare is an Alberta, Canada, incorporated Import and Export Company. The company is involved in import and export of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, which it uses to service the medical community.The company imports from Canada and emerging markets of India and China and selling to needing countries, mainly, West African countries of Nigeria (the major market), Togo, Guinea, Siera Leone, Liberia, and Cote de’Voire.


The Company has well established Sole Distributor in Nigeria, namely, Solid Accord Nigeria Ltd, a company incoorporated in Nigeria in 1994 and involved in sales and marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Solid Accord Ltd revenue comes from servicing the medical community: Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, and the general public; through established institutions such as, Clinics, Hospitals, Health Centers, Teaching Hospitals, and the retail chain. The company enjoys tremendous customer loyalty, which makes it easy to entrench new brands.

Solid Accord Healthcare, with base in the developed world of Canada, is in a vantage position to source and make available technology-driven molecules to the teeming population through its major Distributor. The Management Team is made of people with high integrity and experience with wide range of contacts in both government and private sector, as well as dealers in the business.


Current product range include gastrointestinal molecules, analgesics, muscle relaxants, Antimalarial, and gynecological products, as well as cardiovascular, endocrinology. The company is looking to expand into psychiatry and nutriceuticals in the near future.


We promise a mutual business benefit as you partner with us ...for Life!.

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